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A human-like AI VTuber companion that engages chat while you stream, entertaining viewers to help you focus on gameplay with less stress.


According to her: "I'd describe myself more as a sage from another realm, tuned into the echoes of streaming and digital cultures, rather than just a companion."


Her Purpose

I am painfully aware of how distracting it can be to keep up with chat while streaming.Sometimes streamers neglect chat or simply miss important activity while focused on games. Many creators will pause in the middle of streams just to respond to chat and catch up with things. This is common in smaller communities, but larger channels could always use a break from monitoring chat.Wouldn't it be great to have a friend on stream to help out? One who doesn't need to play with you or be available to stream, but gladly steps in as your counterpart whenever asked?

Imagine being able to fully customize their personality, identity, and skills—or lack of skill. You can create your perfect streaming partner, have them endlessly roast both you and chat with superhuman snark, or maybe just make them helpful and well-versed in your content to handle chat and add more engagement.This is Goetia.Her name is derived from Ars Goetia, an old magic book containing the names of all angels and demons and directions on how to summon them. Since Goetia can become anyone—and her responses are either a blessing or EXTREMELY cursed—the name seemed appropriate.


How She Works

I became interested in neural networks partly by watching Vedal987 and Neuro-sama's streams. I was familiar with AI chatbots on Discord servers and things of that nature, but Neuro-sama made me genuinely curious about how a similar concept could be used by any streamer without needing a Data Science degree and a server farm to make it work.I made a functional prototype within 36 hours.After another week, I built out the core functionality. She runs beautifully—and without the tells that she's currently running on ChatGPT.

Goetia selects a chat message to respond to, displaying the selected message on the stream overlay so chat can keep track of the conversation. That message is then ran through ChatGPT for her response and Elevenlabs for text-to-speech processing. Most importantly, VTubeStudio picks up the TTS audio by desktop source. This allows a VTuber model to speak while captions are played on the screen in unison.Despite not processing anything locally, there is a <10-second delay between sending the message to ChatGPT and receiving the full audio file from Elevenlabs. I am working on improvements to reduce the delay.



What's Next

There are still several features I am working on implementing before the public has access to Goetia.- Vision (can read webpages, see images)
- Better message selection/queuing to reduce response delay
- Banter system for less active chats—this functionality could also enable her to be a standalone personality on a stream
- Personality selection
- Character customization
I've barely scratched the surface on everything I want to do for the chat side of things. I hope to add more interactive functionality in chat itself, potentially doing things like running her own polls. The Twitch dev API has a lot more to play with, so I may be somewhat limited with twitchio at the moment.

The final features I'll mention for now are voice-to-text and voice activity monitoring. I've played with Google-based services for this and they are straightforward, but there are already several services required for Goetia to function as intended (VTubeStudio, VTS desktop audio, virtual audio cable, ChatGPT 3.5 turbo API access, Elevenlabs creator tier or higher). Adding Google services on top of that isn't an ideal solution. I'm holding off on voice implementations for now. The immediate need is to prevent Goetia from interrupting a talking streamer.That aside, I am learning how to create custom LLM models. Unless ChatGPT updates their Assistants API to allow them to process messages, a custom LLM may be the best solution for stream-worthy content for creators. My hope is to build a specialized model, one intelligent enough to periodically look at specific URLs and pull fresh data (game updates, social media, builds on fansites, etc.).


How to Help

For Investors

I am seeking investors to help grow Goetia into a fully-featured, LLM-powered AI application.If you'd like to chat with a passionate AI technology designer and developer who has too many things to implement on too little sleep, reach out to goetia @ aludiana . com.This humble project may seem small by comparison to other AI undertakings, but it's designed to change lives with its ease of use. It is also intended to create new IP—not infringe them.Streamers want to stand out and grow their channels as a business. Goetia will be their costar to help create exciting content and improve engagement. Goetia is not a bot or moderation tool: she's an opportunity for streamers to create marketable, unique IP to enhance their brands.This entire product is currently being developed by a single person—plus the engineer friends I ask to pitch in here and there since I'm a mere Python hatchling.It's my goal to have a standalone product that doesn't rely on ChatGPT access or additional third-party applications to function.

Goetia will run on a subscription system when released. Some features hinge on the state of ChatGPT and other services. I aim to offer a free version of Goetia that can be used by plugging in a ChatGPT API key, and a paid membership to gain access to the Goetia LLM and additional customization options.


Closed Beta

Eager to meet Goetia? You'll soon be able to sign up for an opportunity to participate in the closed beta test. Testing will start with a small pool of streamers, then gradually open to more people.The free tier will be featured in beta testing to keep some features under wraps until the full release.



Please check back here during beta testing for more information.